Solar PV Has Arrived!

Today was cloudy and wet… very cloudy! Yet it was a great day because today we commissioned our solar PV system and we are now generating our own electricity.

Yesterday morning 2 guys turned up from Green Energy Solutions to install 28 SunPower P19 320Wp panels and a Solar Edge SE6000H inverter (with Modbus).

This system is split on our East/West facing roof so each side has 14 x 320Wp = 4,480Wp of panels but as they are East/West facing their peak power, on the few very sunny days in June, will be only around 7kW so we are installing a 6kW inverter. The people at Solar Edge assure me that the actual loss as a result of over-speccing by this much is negligible.

I shall describe it all in a bit more detail when the scaffolding has been removed and I have been registered for the Solar Edge portal and I am more familiar with the system.

But for now, here are some pics of the installation:

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