Solar PV Installation – Coming up!

Well, Western Power have OK’ed the installation of my 8.4kWp solar array and it is going ahead on the 28th.

There is still some uncertainty as to what inverter I should get. I originally asked for a 6kW inverter as my system is E/W split so it is never going to get up to 8kW output. However, I want this confirmed and so I have asked Green Energy Solutions to do a projection of max output. Let’s see what they come up with.

The scaffolding is due to go up the week before. As it is a bungalow there won’t be much to erect but I am pleased to see they are scaffolding. It must be tempting not to scaffold with a bungalow but the weather has not been great so better safe than sorry in my opinion.

We had a really good handle on our electricity use: it was about 10kW/day. However, since installing a hot tub that has increased to 15-25kW/day !!! We knew the tub would use a fair bit of power but we didn’t reckon on this much. The solar PV then is even more necessary now. With the battery and a good-sized solar PV system we should be able to get our electricity import right down to almost nothing in summer.

In winter though the solar will generate little power overall. However, I am looking into switching electricity tariffs to a good dual-rate tariff so I can charge the battery overnight and use it in the day – much the reverse of summer when I’d charge the battery in the day from solar and use it at night. If I do this then most of the electricity I use in the hose will either be free from the solar (in summer) or from cheap-rate power overnight (in winter or cloudy days in summer). If anyone has any experience of doing this please let me know how it is going.

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