Solar PV Put on Hold

Last week we were due to have our solar PV system installed. However, two days before it was die to happen we had a call from the installer informing us that they would not be installing.

We were gutted.

They had expected to receive the panels from their supplier but it seems that the rush to install before the end of the year, when the Feed in Tariff was due to be reduced, had created a shortage and we were a casualty of that. They had a date in December when they might be able to install but not wanting to risk it we cancelled altogether.

So no solar PV for us at the moment.

It is not 100% certain that the Feed in Tariff will come down or to if it does to what level so we have decided to wait and see where we stand early next year. If it looks financially sensible at that time then we may well try again.

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