State of the Map 13 – A look forward to today

Today is going to be very interesting. Many of the sessions are concerned with the social aspects of OSM and of crowd-sourced projects in general. With a global project such as OSM that is created and maintained almost entirely by volunteers there is always going to be the challenge of motivating people to get involved and even after they have then to stay involved.

there are many strategies to motivate and todday we will be discussing many of the issues surrounding this topic. One of the way which has fascinated me is gamification – that is turning data collection into a game or using games (mobile apps are perfect but not the only method) to make the collection of data fun. The principle being if people want to do it because it is fun then they will do more of it.

We will also be looking at data quality in OSM and looking at various tools to monitor and improve the quality, rather than the quantity, of the OSM data.

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