Still deciding…

We have talked about the car situation at length today.

We went through the finacial issues. We covered the development of the electric car and hybrid market and the installation of charging infrastructure. We talked about how we will use our cars and how we felt about spending our money.

At the end of all this discussion we came to the conclusion  that we still wanted the Ampera! Whilst hybrids and electric cars will develop over the next few years we don’t think that there will be huge developments. Range of EVs might go up a bit but it will probably be a few years before it goes up hugely and still be affordable. So if we don’t get the Ampera now we might not have reason to get another hybrid or EV for many years.

I know… it makes little financial sense. It makes little sense when considering our driving patterns. However, it makes a lot of sense when you consider we want to never buy a non-electric or good hybrid car. Yes it is expensive but it is the perfect car for us. If we were to have a single car it would, should be the Ampera rather than the Leaf. We can do everything in the Ampera… we can’t do that in the Leaf. But we don’t want to sell the Leaf!

So we are still talking but we are coming to the conclusion that we want both the Leaf and the Ampera if we are going to have 2 cars.

So, current thinking – keep Leaf and get Ampera also.

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