Still unpacking!

It is over 7 weeks now since we moved and we are still unpacking boxes but I suppose that isn’t unexpected. Moving from a much larger house to a smaller one is always a challenge… what to keep? Do we store stuff or sell them and re-buy if needed again in the future?

In the end we decided to rent a 20ft x 8ft container for a while to give us some breathing space. I have to say that having a container (or at least some storage away from the home) is quite attractive and I wouldn’t be surprised if we keep it for a year or so.

One of the main issues for me regarding the new house is my office. I have a lot of stuff! Most of it I don’t need and will never need but this stuff has been with me for years and it is difficult for me to offload it. Most of it has little or now monetary value and even if I didn’t sell and just threw it away I wouldn’t be losing much financially. But I have accrued all this stuff over years and, although it sounds a bit ridiculous to say, I feel emotionally attached to it. What I have decided to do is move all the stuff I think I don’t need to the container and see how I get on without it. If I haven’t missed it then I’ll get rid of it… probably by just recycling. As the money value isn’t a factor I will just ditch it rather than sell. I really can’t face all that photographing, packing, posting etc when there is really little to gain. I just feel a little bad about ditching stuff someone else might be able to use but I have to look after my own mental health and so ditching it the way to go in this case.

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