Still Waiting

Yup… still waiting from the price of Bitcoin to rise to the point where I am happy to sell. Until then I have no GBP to trade up and I don’t want to sell my BTC at a big loss to trade down.

So it is a waiting game for now.

I am beginning to think that I might be better off just buying some Bitcoin when the price is clearly low (< £7500 ideally) and just hold on. I am certain we will see well above £10,000 this year!

3 thoughts on “Still Waiting”

  1. I expect to see 20 maybe 30

    How many coins are you playing with (email me if you don’t mind/want it public)

    Best Wishes

  2. I am pretty much just playing around at the moment with 1 BTC.

    Reading the trading blogs it looks like a drop to 7000 USD is more than likely before any significant recovery. I have shorted about 0.1 BTC to cover that eventuality but I really won’t go in to profit on the 1BTC until the price comes up more towards 10,000GBP and that could take a while. I don’t want to short any more than that.

    I am hopeful that we see it get to 15,000 GBP this year.

    I think we need to see more actual use being made of cryptocurrencies, particularly BTC, before I will have more faith in it long term. What with the rise of Facebook’s Libra there is still a lot of uncertainty where it will go. The benefit of a coin such as BTC is that the big banks and governments are NOT involved… Libra has limited big bank backing and for me that is a negative.

    It is an interesting arena right now.

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