Straight forward day once the tyres were fitted!

The day started really slowly. I was due to have two tryes fitted before setting out but I didn’t reckon on 5 people ahead of me in the cue when I arrived at the tyre shop! That set me back a good 90 mins. Still new tyres on the front. It sure feels different even though they are the same tyre as came off… only these were made in Italy… the originals came with the car and were made in Japan.

Anyway, I am in Reading Services now after what has been a pretty straightforward 200 miles in the Nissan Leaf.

Charged to 80% at Exeter, Sedgemoor, Leigh Delemare and A splash and dash to 50% at Membury.

Even though the temperature has been around 2degsC the range has been pretty good and on one leg I did the 46 miles using just 9.9kWh of power! That would have been a staggering 97 miles range from 100% on my nearly 3 year old Mk1 Leaf. I can only put this down to a warm battery at about 30degsC after having had a couple of rapid charges. It bodes well for the trip to Edinburgh tomorrow.

I have decided not to go into London centre tomorrow. The journey was meant to start from Marble Arch but as I am having to drive first in from Reading the first leg will not tie up with Davi’s so I might as well accept that and just go straight to Newport Pagnell and effectively start the comparisons from there. So tomorrow I shall go straight to Newport Pagnell aiming to get there about the same time David and Robert did.

The last leg is a bit funny too. They did a bit o “touring” around Edinburgh and I have no idea of the exact route they took and so I have decided not to include the last leg either in the comparison. This then frees me up to go directly to the hotel from Newtown St Boswell. If anyone is planning on meeting up with me in Edinburgh let me know at some point in the day and we can agree where/when to meet. I will know more about timings in the afternoon tomorrow.

So I am hoping to get a good night’s sleep tonight as it is a very early start with the first thing on the agenda is to drive to the eastbound services and charge up. I am currently about 50% so I will need a full charge. I can feel breakfast while I charge might be in order 🙂

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