Tasks to do while charging

Right… just a few words about what I plan on doing at each stop while the car charges…

  • Pee, coffee (goes without saying!)
  • Record power usage for previous leg. I plan on taking a screen shot of the Leaf Spy
  • Get lat/long and photos of the position of the charger at the location and make a note of any special features that might help. These will be used to update Open Charge Map on my return
  • Some piccies for the scrapbook!
  • Tweet. Like David and Robert I shall be tweeting throughout the trip. Not just on Friday but also on the 200 miles on Thursday from Saltash to Reading and also on Saturday and Sunday on the 536 mile return trip to Saltash. Of course, I can’t tweet on the move as I am on my own… unlike Robert and David.
  • Check Glympse is still active. Again, following on from the huge success that Glympse was on David’s and Robert’s trip I will have Glympse active throughout the 4 days. Want to see where I am at any time? Just look in to my blog to get the Glympse URL. Just follow that in your browser…
  • Determine power requirements for next leg and stop charge when I feel I have sufficient power. I will not be taking chances. If I need more charging time to make me feel comfortable then I will take it. Getting there is more important that sticking to their schedule!
  • Set up SatNav to next leg and check #ukcharge on Twitter to see if any future charging locations have failed.

    I do not want people to make special journeys to check out the chargers even though I know many would gladly help (thank you!) but if any do go out then if I spot it on #ukcharge then I may be able to avert a flatbed recovery by changing my route.

  • Last but by no means least… meet up with anyone who does drop by. It would be great to meet up for a chat and charge at any of the stops especially in Edinburgh on Friday evening :)

There is quite a lot to do in 30-40 mins! How did you two manage it!

I am taking my Go Pro Hero3 but at the moment I don’t know what for!!! Neither do I know where I should mount it. I have all the mounting options so I shall investigate tomorrow.

Looks like I shall be stopping over at Woodall, near Sheffield on Saturday night – anyone fancy a beer?

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