Tennis and my legs!

A couple of weeks ago I joined the Devonshire Virgin Active centre in Plymouth. I have always enjoyed being a member of a health club but this time I wanted to learn to play a bit of tennis. I have
always loved tennis having grown up in Wimbledon but for some reason I never took it up to play myself always sticking to watching from the sidelines. This time though I have a great opportunity to get some coaching and to get fit and lose weight all at once.

It started out well. I signed up for coaching and some fitness classes but in my usual over-enthusiastic way I have pulled a calf muscle and so I am now recovering from that. Still, before the injury I managed to make it to several coaching sessions and it is all very encouraging. I even played a match and won! OK, it was only one set but my serve is improving and I am getting aerobically more fit so all is looking good when the leg is fit again… probably a couple of week.

I shall try to update you on how I am getting on with the tennis. It is a fun way to get/keep fit and I am dead keen to get better and to start to play competitively in the club leagues.

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