The EVDA-UK needs an agenda. They don’t have one right now

I read on Leaf Talk a post that suggested that:

the whole issue seems to be about an organisation that has politics in spades but little agenda.

I could not agree more.

They have no plan, no agenda, no vision.

Under my proposals the EVDA-UK would have a very clear agenda but it would be different from the one that the current committee, or Brian Orr, might choose.

I propose that the EVDA-UK should have an agenda based almost entirely focussed on the members. Providing information and services to the EV driver and those thinking of switching.

I recommend that all ideas of representing the members to OLEV and other stakeholders be put on the back burner until we have got our own ducks in a row and given the EV driver the beenfits they need. Representation will come when we have sufficient members. We shouldn’t force it in the Way Brian Orr is proposing.

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