The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

What’s all this about Kings? Well, nothing really except that the phrase rather indicates how I feel about the latest news regarding our house move.

You may already know that we had placed an offer on a house in Taunton and we were pretty excited about it. However, we had a full structural survey and it has thrown up enough issues for us to withdraw our offer. So now what? We have a buyer who we don’t want to lose and no house to buy!

So it was back to the drawing board yesterday and after some 6 hours of searching, changing our priorities, changing our budget, changing our target area, we finally found somewhere and guess what? It looks like it may turn out to be significantly better for us that the one we lost! Hence the title of the post!

So we are viewing tomorrow and we will see. It is a lot more expensive and it is in town so I don’t think we will be doing the renewables we so much wanted but as it is in town and has mains gas much of it isn’t really necessary anyway. We will still have a budget for solar PV so that is good.

Wish us luck!

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