The world is going MAD!

I went to see Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra tonight. I have seen them many times before and every time they just get better and better. But that isn’t what I want to talk about here…

I think that people  are forgetting how to enjoy events. Instead of going to an event, such as probably the best rhythm and blues orchestra in the world (IMO!), and watching, listening and marveling at the superb talent and great music, they seem to spend much of the time fiddling with their phone, taking pics, taking selfies and videoing.

Now I am no spoil sport. I know people want to get pics to remember the event and to put up on social media to show their friends – remember the adage : no pic, didn’t happen! But crickey! They seem to do it at the expense of actually watching the very event they paid good money to go to see.

One guy spent ages fiddling around with his phone a few seats away – the screen was very bright and it was just annoying, distracting and a bit rude to those around him (like us!!!).

Peeps… when you go to see an event like a music gig or other show then here is a novel idea you might like to try… watch it! Holding up your phone to get selfies, or to get pics is very annoying to others and it blocks their view. If you must then get it quickly and then put the phone away and enjoy the show.

Not only that but you may only get one chance to experience it – don’t waste it for the sake of a selfie!


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