Time for a Change of Car

Those that know me know that I have always changed my car pretty regularly. Sometimes it is just because I want a change and other times it is for a specific reason. Last May we bought a caravan and needed a car to tow it and so we bought a Kia Sportage. The caravan was quite heavy and so this was one of the few cars I fancied that could to the caravan. Now we have put the caravan on a permanent site and so the imperative to have such a meaty car has gone.

So what’s next and why?

The Kia Sportage does between 30 and 40mpg when not towing and nearer 20mpg when it is. It has a chunky 2.0l engine with old-style electronics and gearbox. It is a great car for towing but as a car when not it is heavy and thirsty. Not to mention servicing is quite expensive when compared to other similar cars. So our objective is to get a more modern car, that is much less thirsty and that is a bit smaller and lighter. We have decided to go for a Nissan Qashqai.

The Qashqai with the 1.6l engine and CVT gearbox is modern in its design and will do nearly 70mpg on a run. Around town 50mpg will be possible. Servicing is cheaper too.

The version we are getting is the Pilot One Edition with the Pro Pilot option adding adaptive cruise, stop/start, park assist and Traffic Jam Assist not to mention blind spot warning, front collision assist and lane assist. You might wonder why anyone might want such an array of technology on a car but in my opinion they all make driving safer and I am a strong believer in any technology assistance we can get if it might save me money or my life.

So there you are… another change of car. I have to drive up to Aberdeen to get this one and I shall enjoy the drive.

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