Time to eat my words!

Recently I posted that I thought the idea of a community funded national fast charge network was laughable. I thought that the very concept of finding people willing to donate significant amounts in sufficient numbers seemed pie-in-the-sky, especially in these difficult financial times, and I could not imagine it ever happening. I have changed my mind.

Posts by Kevin Sharpe and others on LafTalk.co.uk have shown that there might be a way. Kevin’s suggestion that it could be done through a “share” issue or something similar might just work. In fact, should it be set up properly and in a professional and possibly a commercial way I for one would certainly be interested in investing and if I think it is viable then I am sure that many others would too.

See here:


I think for me the key is for it to be a commercial venture. For it to be a charitable effort I cannot see it happening but if it was a company, with the possibility of the venture being profitable, even if only a bit, so I could see it being self-sustaining and with a long-term future. A charitable effort would have some serious issues regarding ownership, management, maintenance etc that could require ongoing funding and although it might be that a charge is made for use it would require an ongoing organisation to maintain the network. However, a commercial organisation would need a commercial imperative and that would require that the network be operated as a commercial venture and with longevity very much in mind.

So, well done to Kevin Sharpe and the others for coming up with this concept and I would like to apologise to them for being so negative. I really must start to give more thought to these unconventional ideas. They might not be the traditional way to go about things but nontraditional isn’t always bad!

I will watch this idea develop with great interest as I now believe that it could provide a viable solution to the issues of how to get a national fast charge network installed in the way that EV drivers want and need: pay-as-you-go at point of use, no subscriptions, no cards.

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