Time to move on

Now that Sally’s funeral has taken place I feel it is time to look forward.

Sally was one of the most positive and forward-looking persons I have even known and we had discussed what I might do when she passed away. One of the things that came out really strongly from our discussions was that she didn’t want me, or anyone else for that matter, to grieve for long. She was of the opinion that life is too short and it is better to be positive and look and hope for the future. I feel exactly the same.

It doesn’t mean it will be easy all the time. Sally was my life for over 20 years and they were the best 20 years of my life so far. But who knows how much time we have remaining  and so I want to make sure that I get the best and the most from what remains.

It is true that for many people it can take months, or even years, to put the loss of a partner behind them and move on. Some never make that transition at all and stay unhappy and single for the rest of their lives. I am not like that. I do not see moving on as a betrayal of the past in any way and neither did Sal. In fact, we had discussed this very thing and we both felt that life is too short and that we shouldn’t waste any opportunity to make the most of every day and to be happy. Sally is proof of that if ever we needed it.

So I will cherish my time with Sal and have those wonderful memories forever. But now is the time for me and I must get on with my life now without her. It is what she wanted.

One thought on “Time to move on”

  1. The comments you make don’t surprise me in the slightest. She never dwelt on the debilitating migraines for long and next day it was onwards and upwards. Some of the things you both did and you are doing now we are only just starting on. As you rightly say, life’s too short to even slow down, never mind stop!

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