Today is the day then…

Finally the day has arrived.

I leave this afternoon for Peterborough but tonight I am staying in our caravan in Highbridge so I will have the chance to go to a talk by Robert Llewellyn this evening in Bristol.

If you can make it then I highly recommend coming along and if you do then tweet me and perhaps we could meet up.


Wednesday, September 25 2013 at 7:30PM
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8 Denmark Street, Bristol, BS1 5DQ


Robert Llewellyn
I am really looking forward to that.
So what does all this mean for charging etc?
I start out full having charged overnight at home. 50 miles to Exeter where I will charge at JFE Nissan. It will need a 100% charge and a careful bit of driving (55mph or less) to get me to Sedgmoor where I will charge on the Ecotricity rapid charger. Only 80% this time as I only need to get to Bristol and back this evening (the caravan is just 2 miles from Sedgmoor service area). 
I am parking at Cabot Circus in Bristol this evening and if I can charge there then I will just to be on the safe side. It is something you come to realise when owning an EV… if you get the chance to charge then take it. You never know what lies ahead and that extra top up may get you home.
So that is day 1. Home to Bristol 124 miles then back to Highbridge 25 miles where I will overnight.
Charging Summary for today:
  • Full charge at home overnight
  • 100% rapid charge at JFE Nisan, Exeter
  • 80% rapid charge at Sedgmoor (Ecotricity)
  • Top up at 13A at Cabot Circus, Bristol if possible (not relying on this tho)
  • overnight charge to full on 10A at caravan in Highbridge

Expected mileage today:

  • Home to Bristol – 124 miles
  • Bristol to Highbridge 25 miles
  • Total today 149 miles

Don’t forget you can follow my progress on Twitter @paul_churchley and I will be doing regular blog posts here too. Look out for the odd video or audioboo too along the way!!!

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