Today was fun!

I said I was doing the diary again and ever since then I haven’t used the car!!! Typical.

Anyway, today was fun. I took the Nissan Leaf to Waitrose to meet an Ampera owner for lunch. He had borrowed my spare EVSE while he waited for a replacement for his faulty one from the Vauxhall garage. His replacement had arrived and so we met up for lunch for him to return it to me.

It was fun because it is always fun to meet up with other EV owners. There is always so much to discuss and EV owners are always enthusiastic.

Anyway, I didn’t charge as it is only a mile from my house but he did. He had a 20 mile trip from his home in Ivybridge and so he plugged in to the POLAR charge station at 10A while we lunched. On our return it was fully charged! Magic.

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