TP Run: About to start

Just a quick heads-up for anyone following…

I leave tomorrow for my TP run to Bucharest then to Phoenix via London, New York and Los Angeles.

If you have been following my Round the World trip then you will know that for that trip a blogged at every stop. This trip is going to be a more relaxed affair and although I will blog when I can, and certainly when I get to Phoenix, I will only blog when I have the time.

Many of my connections are quite short (1-3 hours) and so rather than trying to fit it all in and getting stressed I am going to just accept that I will blog only when it makes sense.

I am already checked-in for my FlyBe flight from Newquay to Heathrow tomorrow. I hope that I don’t encounter any delays or cancellations.

More when I am at Heathrow for the 2nd time on Tuesday or failing that when I arrive in Phoenix Wednesday.

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