Trip to Amsterdam – Newcastle to Amsterdam

Whilst on my way to the conference in Gateshead I received an invitation from Nissan UK to attend the European premier of the file “revenge of the Electric Car”, it was being screened in Amsterdam in the 1928 Olympic Stadium which had been converted into a drive in cinema. Nissan wants to gather together the largest collection of privately owned Nissan Leafs ever in the stadium while watching the film.

As I was already going to be in Gateshead how could I refuse such an exciting offer and so after my conference I drove the 6 miles to the Newcastle ferry terminal to catch the ferry to Amsterdam.

Another Leaf owner, Mark Tebbutt, was also going and after embarking I met up with Mark in the bar where we chatted mainly about the Nissan Leaf and charging infrastructure and the conference I attended earlier. It was a great evening and very interesting talking to a fellow EV owner and hearing about his story with the Nissan Leaf.

This morning then we arrived at Amsterdam and we had to drive about 15 miles into the city. Mark was a bit low on charge and so we thought no problem! We would just update CarWings with nearby charging stations and go and charge up on the way. That was when we hit our first snag.

The CarWings system would not update at all. It seemed to us that the system was set up to work only in the UK and so we were stumped as to where to charge. We decided that the best action was to get to the hotel and once we had WiFi access we could look it up online.

As it happened that was not necessary, there was a charging post at the hotel but we didn’t know if it was going to free or whether we needed to register first. The only way to test it was to plug in and so that is what we did. It was a normal mains European socket so we just used a normal plug converter (after checking its permitted current rating first I should add!). Guess what? IT WORKED!

Mark is now charging in the hotel car park… what could be better?

So, this evening we are due to drive the few miles to the Olympic stadium to see the film and to be part of the world record collection of Nissan Leafs.

More soon.

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