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Since I have become more interested in travel, particularly air travel in premium cabins, I just wanted to give a shout out for a great site that specialises in just that…


In fact, it was only after travelling in First with British Airways from London to Chicago that I started looking on the web for how I could do more travel in premium cabins without having to pay silly prices and Turning Left For Less (TLFL) came up in my searches.

The name alludes to when you board many long-haul aircraft… you often turn left to the premium cabins (Business, First). “Turning left” can be very expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Of course, it is always going to be more than travelling in Economy but if you know where to look and how to book then it can become much more affordable even if you are on a tight budget.

TFLF is much more than that though… it has reports, reviews and information on all aspects of premium travel especially if it can shed light on how to do it on a more modest budget. In fact, their strap-line…

Champagne Travel on a Prosecco budget

… sums up TLFL perfectly and quoting from their About Us page…

The website features the latest news and offers on luxury travel for flights, hotels, loyalty programs and more.

A few posts ago I detailed a Round the World trip I am doing in March this year. My RTW trip was inspired by a report on TLFL… page down to “RTW fare (or almost) by Paul”…

So if you are interested in quality hotels, premium holidays, airline news and anything else to do with travelling in style for less then Turning Left for Less is well worth the free subscription.

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  1. Thanks Paul, for the last ten years I have been going LHR to LAX with Air New Zealand, they are great but tend to be £2500 wish per person and with three of us it all adds up, I shall check this out !

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