Washed Car, Checked Tyres

Washed the Nissan Leaf ready for the start of my trip to Peterborough and Preston over the next few days.

Took the car for a 20 mile run to dry it off and to check out the systems ready for the trip. All OK. Car dry. Car now on charge topping off as that used up 4 bars of power! Whoops!

Checked the tyre pressures too. I keep them at the top end of the acceptable range in the manual as low pressures increase rolling resistance and reduce range. Don’t forget to check them in a level area to make sure that they are correct. All OK.

Something I only realised recently is that a dirty car reduces the range. OK, not by much but over the lifetime of the car it makes a significant difference in energy use. It isn’t the lumps of stuff that makes the difference but the fine coating of particles creating extra drag. Keep your electric car clean and it will help reduce your kw/mile.

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