WAVE 2015?

Some of you may know that last year I did WAVE 2014… a 2000km, 10 day drive around Switzerland, Germany and Austria promoting electric cars. It was a bit far for me to drive there and in any case, Sally couldn’t come with me due to her health, so I didn’t have a co-driver. Instead I teamed up with the marvelous Markus Doessegger, a Swiss Tesla Roadster owner and we did the WAVE together in his Tesla.

It was a wonderful experience but as we had to do a web site and blog as a condition of entry I couldn’t blog about it here also… instead you can read about my adventures at…


Now that the New Year is here (well tomorrow!) my thoughts are turning towards 2015 and the question of whether I want to do the WAVE 2015? This year it ventures into eastern Germany, near the Czech border, up to Berlin and back down to Berne in Switzzerland and across to St Moritz and touching into Italy and as is normal for WAVE – quite a trip in itself even without the challenges of doing it in an all-electric car!

I thoroughly enjoyed WAVE 2014 so would I like to do WAVE 2015? Of Course! But there are a couple of obstacles…


I have a perfectly good car for doing this event. A New Nissan Leaf. The issue is one of location. I live in Saltash, Cornwall, UK and the WAVE 2015 starts in Plauen, in the east of Germany! It finishes in Switzerland 10 days later.

I would not only have to participate in the challenge that is the WAVE 2015 but have a near 1000 mile each way relocation to and from the event. That would be an even bigger challenge than the WAVE event itself. In fact, last year Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, herself an expereinced long-distance EV driver, fell foul of charger failures in France and had to return to the UK never making the WAVE 2014.

The challenge of finding charging to and from the event is one thing but I would also need to organise accommodation on the trip to and from… a challenge in itself especially as each overnight stop will have to allow for charging too.

I have been offered the chance to borrow a Renault Zoe from Alex, one of WAVE 2014 participants, which is an incredibly generous offer. Although I don’t rule this option out totally I would much prefer to do the event in my own Leaf, driven from the UK.


Last year I considered it a “one-off” event and so I splashed out and flew there and back, staying in hotels when necessary. I paid my share of the entry (1600EUR per car) and considered it good value especially as we were using Markus’s car.

If I did the WAVE 2015 in my own car I would have to pay for accommodation to and from the event and the cross-channel ferry… plus the event fee + spending money. It would not be cheap and I am not sure that I can manage that kind of cost this year. It would not be so bad if Sally was coming with me but as it is highly likely that her health would prevent her from joining me it would be an expense mainly for my benefit.


So what can I do?

It occurred to me that this event is a great advertising platform. Many cars last year were sponsored for the event and I know that they considered it great value for money.

If I am to do the WAVE 2015 I need sponsorship… giving me enough funding to do the return trip and the event.

What can I offer to a prospective sponsor? Why should you throw a few thousand Euro to get me and my Nissan Leaf to WAVE 2015?

This is a great marketing opportunity… You would have an opportunity to have your name associated with electric cars for an entire year through advertising and marketing opportunities for all of 2015!

You could livery my car or possibly completely over-wrap it in your company design. I would attend marketing and PR events at your request for the entire year promoting your company and electric cars in general. You would get the use of me and my liveried car for all of 2015 and through your own and my promotion via your own channels and via social media, you could make a mark on the EV world.

There is even a opportunity for you to have someone from your company join my on the trip… either to/from the UK to Germany/Switzerland and/or for then to meet me at predetermined locations on the event itself and to be my co-driver for part of the event. This worked well for a few teams last year and it gave a unique experience for a number of company representatives to experience what it is like to do a long journey in an electric car. How exciting!

Last year we used GPS tracking to follow us round and we would do the same for 2015 so your followers can see where we are at any point in real time!

What would it cost you?

That is up to you. The minimum would be my accommodation and travel expenses to and from the WAVE 2015, the cost of car livery or over-wrapping and removal at the end of the year, any promotional signage or materials you required me to take/distribute. Travel and accommodation costs for me to attend any promotional events other than the WAVE 2015 throughout the year.

With my experience and contacts in the EV world and my experience carried over from WAVE 2014, your exposure in the UK would be significant especially when combined with promotion on TV and radio whenever possible. Promotion of the event last year could have been better in the UK and I would make sure that all opportunities for exposure were taken advantage of.

Is this just a way for me to get a 16 day holiday paid for by your company?

Well, if all I would be doing is having a holiday then yes it would be but that is not the idea. I would be a very public representative of your company and I would expect to work with that in mind.In fact, I would not expect it to be a holiday at all and given the kinds of promotional opportunities that presented themselves last year I would expect the whole year to be hard work and a challenge. You would have the chance to use me and my Nissan Leaf throughout the year and not just for the WAVE event and I would expect you to use that opportunity. It would be buying a year of me and my car for your promotional use – that is not a holiday – that is good business!

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further please get in touch.

More info on the WAVE 2015 can be found at

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