We are investigating Solar Power

About 10 years ago we investigated installing solar panels (photovoltaic or PV panels) but at that time it was simply too pricey. The return on investment was 25+ years. Recently, a neighbour has had a PV panels installed and in talking to him it is clearly more feasible now.

So we are investigating it and getting quotes. It looks like the return is nearly 10 years now that the government has introduced way to reward micro-generation such as this by paying owners 41p per KWh generated… and that is in addition to the saving on our electricty bill. So, with even a modestly sized system it can pay back the installation costs in 8-10 years and significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

I will post more and if we do decide to go ahead then I will start a web site were I can document the progress and the system properly.

Watch this space.

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