Welcome to the EV Charging blog!

Hi and welcome to the bloggershere!

This blog is several things…

  • my own person comments on current Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, particularly in the UK
  • a source of information regarding charging electric cars
  • a gateway to other locations on the internet connected to EV charging that I find interesting or useful
  • a place for me (and hopefully you!) to let off steam about any issues connected with charging an EV.

What it is not:

  •  a place to find charging points – although I have included a page with links to places where you can find charging points!
  • a voice of anyone but me. I am not associated to any company or organisation in any way. If this changes then I will say so. Of course, I am hoping, expecting, you to comment so it is your voice too but anything not in a comment is from me and me alone unless stated. I may from time to time make recommendation of particular items and if I do then I do so as a personal recommendation.


  • Only friendly comments will be permitted. Of course disagree with me BUT keep it friendly 🙂
  • Keep it family-friendly too. No obscenities please.
  • No spam or adverts. If I think that a post is a commercial or advert I will delete it. Sorry but it have to remain a place for personal comment and discussion only.
  • remember – legal, decent, honest and truthful and one of my own – friendly.

I have put this as the first post and also on the about page.


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