What’s in a name?

Traditionally, when people get married, the woman takes the surname of the man. Times are changing!

It is not uncommon nowadays for a woman to keep her maiden name or, as has been the case with some high profile celebrities and sports people recently, to double barrel the surnames of the man and the woman. However, what many people do not realise is that this is all just convention. In fact, there is no restriction on what a man or woman call themselves after getting married.

So, when Tracy and I came to consider what we were to be called after getting married we had many options.

Tracy is a historian and so publishes books and articles in her name. In order to keep things consistent she has decided to use her maiden name as her professional name and so if she took my surname on marrying she would have a different personal name and professional name. Again, this is not uncommon, but it does introduce an element of confusion as to what she would be called. So, with this in mind, she has decided to go back to using her maiden name as her personal name after marrying.

So, Tracy is not taking my surname after we are married and she will be known as Mrs Tracy Moxhay.

Now we come to the question of what I will call myself after we are married. Of course, traditionally, I would keep my surname as it is now but I have never been known as a traditionalist. We both wanted our surnames to be the same and so with Tracy keeping her maiden name it seems to make sense for me to change my name to Moxhay. This may seem quite unusual to many of you but in this world of equal opportunities for both sexes why shouldn’t a man change his name to the surname of the woman? I cannot think of any good reason why not. I suppose that if we were younger and wish to have children then this issue would be more important but at our ages this is not a consideration any longer!

So, I will be changing my name to Paul Moxhay after we are married.

Until then though I remain Paul Churchley.

One thought on “What’s in a name?”

  1. Hi Paul
    Glenda and I are so pleased for you and hope you will both be very happy.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and perhaps we can catch up in the new year
    Dave and Glends

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