Why do I feel bad about not buying diesel?

Since getting my all electric Nissan Leaf I have bought almost no diesel. I use the Leaf for all my daily trips and hardly ever need to take the other car… the diesel car. Surely this is good? Surely I should feel good about not buying diesel?

Well of course, I do feel good about not buying diesel but I recently had the weirdest experience… I actually did feel bad about not buying diesel!

A couple of days ago I had to make a decision. I had a to visit someone 160 miles away and I had to decide if I should take the Nissan Leaf or the diesel car. Looking at the route it was easy to take the Leaf, there were easy charging stations on the route, but as the charging stations were at Nissan dealers I could only charge when they were open and that meant I could not do the return trip in one day. If the chargers were accessible 24 hours then there and back in a single day for this 310 mile trip would be easy and that may be possible in the not too distant future. However, right now it required an overnight stop at my destination. That overnight stop was going to cost me for accommodation and I found a nice B&B nearby to charge up overnight.

The decision was this: do I take the Nissan Leaf and spend £45 on a B&B or do I take my diesel car and spend £45 on diesel. The economics were identical and so for me it boiled down to whether I had the time and was prepared to stay away for the night.

Taking the Leaf had the additional advantage of not generating anything like the CO2 and as I had the time I decided that it would be a pleasant and more relaxed trip to take the Leaf which is what I did.

In taking the Leaf I now find myself with a very strange feeling. I feel that the trip has cost me more than had I taken the diesel car. I am used to pouring £’00 into my diesel car. I fill it up when it needs filling up and I am used to that. It seems like a necessity and one that I have grown accustomed to. On the other hand, staying in a B&B is associated with holidays and other luxury spend. I feel that it is optional and something that is rather extravagant. I wouldn’t usually have the luxury of spending a night away in a B&B for a trip to somewhere just 160 miles away. That trip would normally be easily achievable in a single day. Yet, here I am having a thoroughly enjoyable mini-break in a superb B&B and it actually costing me less than if I had taken the diesel car. Surely this must be wrong?

Although I do not want to spend money on buying diesel it has become just an accepted part of my life but spending the same money on a great B&B stay somehow seems extravagant. Isn’t that weird?

Perhaps, I need to start looking at my new Nissan Leaf in a new light. It seems there are added benefits. Instead of giving £50 to the oil companies and buring diesel I can have more leisure nights away at no extra cost. So yes, right now extended trips in my electric car may take longer but I will be making those trips at a more leisurely pace and effectively getting free mini-breaks in the bargain. Now that isn’t a bad result in my book.

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