Will I ever get these photos catalogued?

I have over 12,000 digital photos. I have taken them all myself but as you can imagine finding specific photos is a nightmare! None of them are catalogued in any way except by date with each upload from the camera having its own folder.

Clearly this is not a good way to store lots of photos and so I have bought Lightroom 3 from Adobe. It is a superb bit of software and it allows me to properly catalogue my photos as well as editing them, adjusting exposure, correcting for lens aberration etc but I now have a huge task ahead of me… I have 12,000 photos to go through and catalogue or delete.

I have started this task several times now because it isn’t until I get a little into it that I find that my cataloging system won’t work. I need a simpler system.

So, I am going to have one more try. I have decided that as most of my photos are just snaps my initial pass through is going to catalogue photos that aren’t just snaps. Photos that are my best or of particular subjects that are not just memories. This will whittle down the important pics and also get me going with being able to find those pics I might actually look for in the future. I might want to geep the pic of me drunk in a bar in Greece as a memory but do I really need to catalogue where it was, what the subject was etc? Probably not. I will never want to use that pic elsewhere so why catalogue it. I could just catalogue it a “holiday” and be done with it.

So that is what I intend to do. One final attempt at doing what seemed like a daunting task to move me forward.

Wish me luck!

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