This is not a sight you want to see out the front of your car at 57 mph but this is what Tracy and I were confronted with yesterday on the way to London to attend the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall.

As you can tell from the picture, the weather was very wet with heavy rain and a lot of standing water. I had slowed to what I felt was a safe speed… under 60 mph to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and yet cars were routinely passing me in both the middle and outside lanes at much higher speeds. I suppose it was inevitable that some of these will aquaplane and this is what might have happened to this car.

This car was in the outside lane so going considerably faster than us in the inside lane. There were cars in the middle lane just about to overtake us and that he had already overtaken. As there were cars overtaking me I could not just pull out into the middle lane to avoid him so instead I hit the brakes hard and let the anti-lock system stop me asap. In the end I stopped in the inside lane and just nudged him as he stopped but even with a gentle contact I sustained damage to my bumper, bonnet, wing and headlight assembly.

The important thing though is that no one was seriously hurt and after being cleared by the police we continued on to the Royal Albert Hall that evening. The driver of the other car had just a bump on the head and was fine.

A scary incident though and one that could so easily have been very serious indeed should it have happened 1 second earlier in which case he may well have hit us and who knows how bad it might have been.

The moral of this story – SLOW DOWN particularly when wet or cold. Once the car starts to slide there is no time to recover – it all happens so quick.

Second moral – get a dashcam! We have the video footage from which this picture was taken. I am not publishing the video at the moment as it may be needed as evidence in any further proceedings. Needless to say, it should everything including location, my speed (and from that the speed of the other driver could be estimated) and it shows my actions and proves that I was not to blame in any way to either the incident or the aftermath. Get a dashcam and make sure it is running whenever you drive.

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